Because we live in a world where we are constantly overstretched, because our free time is eaten up by social networks and stress is part of our lives, relaxing and cutting yourself off from the hustle and bustle of the city becomes a priority. We have designed a space surrounded by bamboo for a meditative break, a space made up of woven wickerwork to accommodate yoga and shiatsu classes, etc. Very close to this space, a Japanese garden has been laid out with the emphasis on water. which streams. You will be lulled by the sound of running water. As winter approaches, a fire place can accommodate your sharing circles with a breathtaking view of the surroundings. At Skhirat Oasis Farm disconnection is taken to its extreme so that your wellness sequence is as soothing as possible.

Relaxation spaces

  • Campfire (20m²)
  • Organic vegetable garden of 300 m2
  • YOGA space, Japanese garden…
  • Covered room for sports and yoga practice
  • Hut surrounded by several bamboo spaces
  • 3 bungalows of 56 m2 each (12 to 20 people)
At Oasis Farm Skhirat disconnection is pushed to its extreme so that your wellness sequence is as soothing as possible.

Activity areas

  • Health tours
  • Detox workshops
  • Sports fields and mini-golf
  • Glissa baldiya among the palm trees
  • Circle of meetings in the middle of the palm trees

Other activites.

  • Aromatic plants
  • Educational farm, Mini-Zoo
  • Course suitable for mountain biking with or without obstacles
  • Forest of more than 5300 palm trees with sports circuit
  • Hike and walk (2 to 10 km) surrounding the entire farm
  • Rare species of birds and animals from the traditional farm
  • Quad / Buggy excursion with guide tamesna, Skhirat, dam and other destinations

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