Règlement intérieur de la ferme

The reservation of an event and/or animation implies the acceptance of the rules of procedure of the educational farm « Skhirat Oasis Farm
(SOF) ». The following rules of life are intended to promote a pleasant stay for all.

Respect for the site and other participants:

  – The calm and beauty of the place are everyone’s business: please avoid any noise pollution (untimely use of mobile phone, shouting, …) or
material (waste, …)
– Arrival and departure times must be respected.
– For your safety, smoking is strictly prohibited on site.


– Minors are under the responsibility of their parents or accompanying adults. The SOF Educational Farm declines any
responsibility for minors.
  – Increased vigilance must be taken when supervising children between 3 and 12 years old.
  – The SOF Farm is a space for recreation on a farm; it houses various equipment as well as animals and has
a natural BIO area. It is up to everyone to respect the basic safety rules.
  – It is strictly forbidden to light a fire or use an open flame (candle, lighter, etc.).
  – Respect the rules of common sense in the presence of animals. Children are not allowed to approach them without
an adult present.
– Use tools, materials and equipment appropriately, and follow the instructions given by the animators and
– In general, each participant undertakes to practice the proposed activities with respect for their safety and that of others.

Content of animations:

The animation content given in the presentation documents (brochure, website https://skhiratoasisfarm.com), is provided for information
and subject to minor changes (weather, availability, etc.).< /p>


The activities offered are suitable for anyone in good health, in case of illness or other, it is imperative to report this to the guides, coaches and managers of the SKO farm.


La Ferme SKO declares that it has taken out civil liability insurance with its insurer.

Image rights:

Images (photos or films) may be produced by the organizers or by a person authorized by them, during the events. The organizers reserve the right to publish these images for the communication of the SOF farm or possible publications. In the event that an adult or a family refuses to have a child appear on these media, teachers or educators are expressly asked to inform the person in charge of the SKO Farm.

I certify that I have read the rules of procedure of the Skhirat Oasis Farm, I accept the various provisions and undertake to strictly respect them.

Skhirat Oasis Farm – Rules of procedure / October 2022